Over the course of 2020 life as we knew it took a dramatic shift. While the world went into lockdown we were forced to take stock of the negative impact our choices are having on the planet. Today we have an opportunity to hit reset. As we collectively pledge to reduce our carbon footprint and assist in shaping recovery efforts, together we’ll help ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for the world at large.

As we move through 2022, the travel sector is still looking decidedly bumpy, but thankfully the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel is growing ever brighter. With global vaccination programmes currently underway, we’ll soon be able to start booking tickets to our dream destinations. In preparing for our return to the friendly skies it’s time to consider the role we each play in ensuring our personal wellbeing.

Ready to embrace new horizons as we emerge from the comfort and security of our individual homes, protecting oneself is more crucial than ever. At Flyypod® we are actively sourcing innovative, recycled materials and using ethical manufacturing processes to provide a more sustainable, yet comfortable, way to travel while also safeguarding our planet. 

After what has arguably been a difficult period for us all, the time has come to step out of isolation and into a pod. As Flyypod® marks a return to the golden days of travel.

Upgrade Your Journey™.

*Illustration by Elise Lampe