Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, Flyypod® represents the culmination of more than three decades spent traversing the globe. Combining the world of fashion with cutting edge industrial design, we’ve created a sophisticated range to ensure your journey is as stylish as it is comfortable. At Flyypod® we believe in the power of travel. Reigniting the soul, it frees us from the strains of everyday life. Now, in this ever-changing world, our team is devoted to providing safe, ethical products designed to give you peace of mind.

Wherever your travels take you next - be it by plane, train or bus - prepare to step out of your comfort zone and into a pod. As Flyypod® marks a return to the golden days of travel, it’s time to Upgrade Your Journey™ and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, revived and ready to make new memories.


At Flyypod® our goal is to create premium travel goods crafted from the highest calibre materials. Committed to sourcing eco-friendly fabrics, we provide sustainable options designed to offer first-class comfort and protection while also safeguarding the wellbeing of our planet.


Life in Australia means flying anywhere requires long hours in the air. After years spent doing just that, our combined experience serves to inform the basis of our every design. Made up of fashion industry professionals and avid globetrotters, the Flyypod® team is dedicated to producing innovative solutions to your most pressing travel needs. Fusing modern day sensibilities with age old luxury, you’ll be perfectly equipped to handle life on the flyy.

Upgrade Your Journey™