At Flyypod® we strive to create products in a responsible fashion so as to minimise our carbon footprint and promote positive social practices. Acutely aware of the impact manufacturing has on the environment, we are committed to maintaining an eco-friendly ethos for the betterment of our customers and the planet. From utilising recycled materials to selecting compostable packaging for shipping, every component of our business is sustainable. We partner with ethically-minded, eco-conscious suppliers and we actively champion initiatives designed to further reduce the negative effects of production and distribution. 

While we have taken steps to reduce our carbon emissions, at this stage some are unavoidable. By investing in new technology and constantly readdressing the way we operate, we’re working to reduce our carbon footprint and we’re committed to offsetting emissions. Carbon offset units are generated from activities that prevent, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

As a brand with an eye to the future, we promise to keep learning, exploring, and innovating. With each decision we make, we’ll always choose the most responsible path. 


  • Responsibly create products with integrity that are beneficial to consumers and the planet
  • Support ethical manufacturing and a circular economy while treating people and the planet with respect
  • Operate ethically and transparently.
  • Minimise our environmental footprint and promote positive social practices
  • Operate with the smallest environmental footprint possible.
  • Strive to be a carbon neutral and zero-waste business